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Monday, January 25, 2010

Nandy Bear, I love you.

Nandy Bear is one of the 8 new Uglydolls coming out in 2010. And he's a love. Look at those gorgeous big blues, and the knobby-bobby ears. From his toast-like shape to those twinkle toes, he's pure Uglydoll perfection. He's the Mona Lisa of Ugly. I bet he is layered in talent. I can see him performing an effortless classic ballet, or playing goalie in a soccer match.

I want to reach right out through cyberspace and hug him, get to know his tastes, preferences and dreams. I bet we have lots in common.

Hey Nandy Bear. Can you hear me? I can hardly wait to welcome you home.

Oh, and the other 7 Uglydolls for 2010 are also amazing and will soon be added to the blog.

For David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, lightening continues to strike as the Uglydoll line grows evermore exciting and fun each year. Thanks so much for the magic!

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