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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Coffee, Small Wage

Big Coffee. Small Wage. Thankfully, not a comment on my economic status. The small Wage is the new Medicom Bearbrick Series 19 release of our darling and beloved Uglydoll...WAGE! And wow, he is powerfully appealing. All 2 inches of him. He's nicely articulated to stand, sit, turn his head, and charm.

If I were of a mind to collect outside the Uglydoll realm, and most of you know what a stretch that is for me, I would grab the Mr. Spock Bearbrick that came out in the series with Wage. He has it all.
Do you want your own Wage Bearbrick so bad you could scream? No problem. I got this fellow off ebay for a very reasonable price.

The lovely cup came from Starbucks. You can see my red SUV in the very back of the pic past the red pickup truck.

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