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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Uglydoll Blankets

I am completely and pleasantly surprised to find we will soon have our choice of three Uglydoll blankets!

They are up for pre-order here. 

It's a tough choice between pink, yellow, and blue.  Having chosen blue for the post, I'm guessing my deep subconscious likes it best.

The blanket is 60"x48", so it's plenty large enough to cuddle up under, or throw across the foot of my bed.

I love the little appliqué figures of the Uglydolls circled around the first Uglydoll, Wage.  Very cute design.

Once again, Sun-min Kim, David Horvath and Uglydoll have provided me the perfect opportunity to flex and stretch my patience muscle.  I just hope the pre-order period goes FAST.


  1. i wish there had been green. my beloved ice-bat gets a little lost on the blue. i almost ordered yellow, but then i thought that would probably show the most cat hair. so, i wound up with pink. they are all SOOOO cute. i wonder when they will be out of pre-order....

  2. nice! too bad there was no red. I would have gotten one.