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Friday, April 23, 2010

Uglydoll Tin Robots Released

Why do I bother to try to pick just one when David Horvath continues to make it impossible?
Aren't they awesome?  I've been saving my Ugly dollars for the 2010 line-up so I ordered all three Tin Robots at once!
There's always the question of "do I stretch out the fun and order one at a time".  Usually, my answer is yes UNTIL they are released.  Then the answer is NO, get them NOW.  Ok.  That's me.

Already got my Uglydoll Keepsake Tin Box.  I know the robots will be just a high quality, the paint just as glossy, the colors just as pleasing. Soon I'll post  in depth on the amazing Keepsake Box.  It will knock your sox off.
Tin Robots are 4.5 inches tall and cost 8.00 each.  Available now at The Official Uglydoll Store. 
They're made by Schylling, a company know for quality.

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  1. Score! These are great. Also, patiently waiting for my sox to be knocked off.