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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Uglydoll Tin Robots are HERE!

My three Uglydoll Tin Robots are here.  I've been admiring them all day.  Their boxes were a big surprise.  I shouldn't be surprised by the creative punch of Uglydoll at this point, but I AM!

How can I tell you how much fun these boxes are.  They are covered in David Horvath art, and little text bubbles that make us laugh and laugh.

Here you see the back and two sides of the boxes.  Get a load of that big blue Uglybot with what appears to be wings and a rocket pack?  HA!  I want him!
If you click the photo it will big up so you can get a closer look at these detailed boxes.

Thought, care, and fun are put into every aspect of an Uglydoll creation.  I sometimes imagine David Horvath at his art station drawing and thinking of little tidbits to tuck here and there that will delight and surprise us.

  INSIDE the front flap of the box you'll find MORE art!  There's even a little Ugly character in there I've never seen before that I would dearly love to adopt.  I won't give away the surprise, but I'll tell you it has one eye.  One-eyed Uglys knock my socks off.  No explaining it.

Check back tomorrow.  If all goes as planned the Robots will be out of the boxes and posing for more pics and MAYBE a Robot Video to share with you!  Woot. You wanna see these bad boys go, don't ya?

Thank you, Uglydoll!  The joy just keeps coming.
To get your own Robots just check my posts below for order info.

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