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Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's Everybody Waiting For?

It's tonight... Saturday, May 22 at 7PM.  Uglydoll will reveal their new toy made in Japan.  Our Wage family is gathered and waiting with an enviable focus and patience for 7pm to roll around.  Me, I'm pacing and puttering.
What will "it" be?
 One things for sure.  We will LOVE it.
You can check it out on the Uglydoll blog or stop back by here after 7pm when the mystery is solved!


  1. wow! you have a lot of wages. I only have 2- and right now one of them is with me.He's excited to see his kind assembled!

  2. Hi Dan. Are your Wage's plush or vinyl? What colors and size? How long have you had them?
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. They're plush, both orange, one is Classic size and one is a keychain.

    The little Wage was given to me for a birthday present(i think)and the other one was just adopted and is fitting in quite nicely. It turns out he knows my Babo from junior college!