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Monday, May 24, 2010

Dr. Max's Visit to Giant Robot!

Did we make it to Giant Robot!  Yes, we did! It is the one and only store we visited our my quick trip to LA.  Giant Robot is an ICON, so we busted out hump to find it.  Here you see the cool sign, and below, Dr. Max Abima chilling on the windowsill.  We tried to take some indoor pics as promised, but the clerk would not allow photos.  Sorry. But I can describe it!  It was small, cozy, and awesome.  Lots of cool items tucked everywhere.  Domo!  And of course, Uglydolls!  You would love this store.
If you click on the picture of Max you will see up in the window....Handmade Uglydolls!  Look hard.

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