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Friday, June 18, 2010

Car Toys of Planet Hyundai

Once in a while toy collecting spills out of your house and into the greater world at large.  When that occurs amazing things can happen.

Here we see the roof of a car of one who takes vinyl to new places.  Every flat surface plays host to toys, including the hood and trunk.

When I saw this my day just stopped.  I stood in awe of Planet Hyundai and it's inhabitants.  Notice how now two are alike, yet they share their world on wheels in playful harmony. I suspect Woody from Toy Story has a good bit to with that.

If I ever see this car again, I will wait for the owner and tell him what an amazing Auto-Verse he has created.  AND I will introduce him to Uglydoll Action Figures!  Planet Hyundai will never be the same with Ugly on board.

The End

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