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Monday, June 14, 2010

Giant Robot Magazine Uglydoll Surprise

Giant Robot magazine is  amazing cover to cover.  Issue 65 gave me an extra thrill when I saw the back cover.  Uglydoll all the way.  

Look at the tin truck for starters.  Soon-to-be-released and on my desk.  Peaco Action Figure is already in the house, and he is more fun than any picture can tell.  But this photo captures he rather well.

Like Uglydoll, Giant Robot cares about us and shows it with rich, glossy pictures and interesting articles you won't find other places.  I always walk away from GR magazine with something new in my head.  Creative inspiration is priceless, as is artistic diversity and GR mag brings it all.

Of course I'm always over the moon when Uglydoll figures prominently.  That's the BIG bang for me.  But in my opinion there's a bang in there for nearly everyone.

Issue 65 is a framer.  I'm working on ways to display the Uglydoll covers without taking the magazine apart. I'll keep you posted.  Please leave suggestions in the comments.

Just my opinion, but it's more of a grown-ups publication. I know I'm old fashioned, and kids today might laugh at me saying that.  But I must say that I've seen content that was not for the young audience.  So I encourage parents to look it over first.

Here's subscription info for GR.


  1. Peaco's a girl? I have a little ugly green peaco and his (her?) tag said, "You can see it in his eyes. All 3."

    Well, maybe Peaco is a girl. there could be a typo on his (her?) tag.

  2. Hi Dan. You are right. Peaco is a boy! It's my error. I have a plush Peaco that I consider to be a girl, but Peace is generally a boy. I made changes to the post. Thanks!!!