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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bossy Shelves Get an Upgrade

What do collectors do when they're between adoptions?
I'm not sure!  But I'll show you what I like to do.

Upgrade and redistribute.  Dust and fuss.  Plan and adapt.

Here my den is adapting to my growing Bossy Bear and Friends collection.

The upgrade began when  Taipei Bossy Bear insisted he and his little yellow friends have their own real estate.  NO share, no way.

So off I went to purchase a nice looking but cheaply made and budget priced  set of shelves.  You can see Yellow Bossy and friends on their new dedicated Taipei shelf.

Arranging and experimenting with placement gives me hours of enjoyment.  It's meditative and more fun than TV.
I'm glad you can't see the many extra holes in the wall from failed attempts to mount the shelves. (I hope!)

Tomorrow we'll put up the last two little shelves from the set.  I hope to fill them with a couple of Crocadoca's I'm still searching for.  Nothing beats Ugly for a solid good time.

If you have an open spot on your shelves, keep and eye out for Roller the Reindeer coming out almost now!

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