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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Mystery of 611

Some people look for hidden meanings in lyrics of favorite bands.  Others dig for cryptic messages in books.

For me, it's Uglydoll art and calendars.  I look them over closely, hunting for clues to future Uglydolls, or links to Ugly ancestry.  Occasionally I notice something that tickles my curiosity.  Currently the number 611.

Check out how it pops up here and there in the Uglyverse.  What could it mean, other than 6 one hundreds, one 10, and one 1.

It shows up as a  street address here, a time on a clock there. It's all over!

Is it a date of significance from the past or future?

Or perhaps connected to Planck's constant? It has a 611 in it somewhere doesn't it?  Quantum theory fits right in with Uglydolls, time machines etc.  Maybe?  Mina's birthday? :)

Any ideas?  You know how I love a mystery!


  1. i'm guessing it's minas birthday?

  2. I thought that was the most likely answer. Thanks HCH!