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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When Art Has Wheels

When art has wheels you are presented with some rather unique options.
There's the could go places with it, hang out around town with it, show it to strangers, haul heavy items with it.
But for me, skimming across the surface of planet earth atop one of my most cherished art pieces would result in some cuts, contusions, and possibly breaks.  Hopefully mine and not the Ugly skate decks!

The latter possibility that harm could befall my new lovely Ugly deck inspired me to ride it all of 4 to 6 inches across the hardwood floor of my living room, then reverently elevate it to a tabletop to admire it for what it really is.  ART.

So now I have an art piece with wheels.  Wheels on the wall will have it's own unique effect in my life. People will wonder, people will ask, why do you have a skateboard on your wall.  And I will explain that it is not a skateboard, but a fine piece of Uglydoll art on wheels.  One that will never again touch the ground.

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