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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Look Wants Coming to Uglydoll

           That's Tutulu in blue, Mij in yellow with the uppsey ears, a green Uglybot, a black Uglybot, and pink Flatwoodsey. 


  1. i love flatwoodsey so much!
    i am an ugly doll collector too
    i have nine uglydolls so far
    uglyworm, abima, chuckanaka, suntan target, different colored eye big toe, 2 foot wedge head,
    big jeero, little jeero, and target
    i was wondering how many you have it seems like you have a lot.
    i was wondering if you could post some more pages of your ugly doll memory book and if you could post a picture of ALL of your ugly dolls

  2. HI Charlotte. I'm glad to meet another Uglydoll fan and collector. Yes, I will post more pics from my Memory book. I have so many Uglys it would be hard to get them all in one pic, but I'll take some more group shots for you! Thanks for commenting.