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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Case of the Missing Coffee

What happened to my coffee?  Gone again.  And I didn't drink it.  So who did?  Clearly a case for sophisticated intellect to solve.
Normally this would be a job for Dr. Max Abima who can trace his lineage directly back to Sherlock Holmes.  When he puts on his detective hat, scamps head for the hills.

Unforunately.......Max took a three-tiered fall this weekend.  (He'll be fine. More on this later)

With Max busy on the mend, who do we call?
The Kasoogi's of course!  With their scientific minds and innate curiosity they will get to the bottom of this in a jiffy.
They jumped at the opportunity and built a camouflaged stakeout. Here we see them watching, but barely.
 They put out of cup of java and waited. Soon the culprits took the bait and made off for parts unknown.  The Kasoogi's pursued and found the pair kicked back in their lair. (It was decaf).
Guilty! But forgiven.


  1. Naughty OX!

    Will Max be Ok? That looked worrying.
    Those Kasoogis sure did a good job.

  2. Haha. Max will be fine. He received excellent care. We'll post the story soon...he fell off my new piano!