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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cozymonster Flatwoodsey Uglydoll Clock

This much awesome is a lot to process all at once.  But I'm getting it done!

Where to begin?  The colors!  You could call this color with a capitol C.  They're vibrant, but not shocking. They're bright, but not blinding. They're happy, but not goofy. They're that rare combination of qualities that combines just the right amount of "this and that" in the very most pleasing way.
It's Uglydoll!  Again!  

Cozymonster was well-named because he is softy, cozy fun. His little brown nose is ideal for his orange complexion, as are the yellow teeth.

This guy is the cure for those of you who never got next to orange.
He's a bridge builder for the orange-challenged.
And if anything can destigmatize the color pink, it is Flatwoodsey.  I am very down with pink, but some are not.  Again, be ready to turn the corner and LOVE the color pink!

The Uglydoll Clock deserves a post all it's own, so soon I will be back with that. Once it's out of the box!
Oops. Almost forgot!  If you want your own box of Ugly goodness head over to The Official Uglydoll Store, or to one of my favorites...CSToys. 

These receive my highest rating for Holiday gifts and goodies.  I know if one of these popped out of a gift box, I'd be over the moon.

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