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Monday, June 27, 2011

Max Abima Food Explorer

Add Food Explorer to Dr. Max Abima's long list of credentials.  With the ease of one born to fine delectibles, Max lead us to the unassuming doorstep of i Sushi-Teriyaki in DuPont WA.

No, I protested.  I don't eat Sushi, and I eat teriyaki way to often.  But Max would not be deterred, so in we went.  From the moment we entered we were intrigued by the aromas, and  enamored with kindness of the staff,.

Before long Max and I were gazing down into a Chicken Hot Stone Pot. They are not kidding.  The pot is stone, and it is HOT.  It kept the food more than warm for the entire meal. Along side this pleasant mix of 5 vegetables and chicken was a sauce the color of Max.  The flavor was intoxicating.  Our new food friend turned out to be Korean Hot Sauce.  It was so tasty in fact that we returned for a second meal within 3 days with Max's little brother, Virgil.
Now can anyone tell me how to make Korean Hot Sauce?  Mamma pajama, that stuff rocks.

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