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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Button It! Ugly Style

I just got a peek at more of the upcoming goodies from Uglydoll and it looks like David and Sun-min ripped the top right off my wish list.
Uglydoll Buttons!  I wanted these since day one.  I have 5 lonely Bossy Bear buttons who will soon see some relief buttons riding in to take the wear and tear off them.

The buttons are made by Badge Bomb, a world class button making establishment without equal.  My opinion.  Natually Uglydolls sought them out to make the cadillac of buttons...The Ugly Button!!!!

The roar starts in the upper left hand corner with the one eye and just keeps rolling until it reaches the Uglyworm where the fun starts all over again.

And who's hand could that be reaching for that cookie???  Wadie, do you know where you Babo's are?

I developed a fever looking at all the awesome, delectable, collectible, Ugly coming our way this year.  I need to go find my Ice-Bat and chill.
Check back soon.  Your eyes will spin when you see what else is in store for us.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Sidd!!!
    Now you've done it! All 42 Babos are jostling each other to press their invisible noses to the screen in hopes that the buttons will come to life so they can harvest them! :-D

    These are quite wonderful! So many spiffy things coming from the House of Horvath Sun-Min! :-D

    The poor Targets are going to have their tentacles filled with trying to take down button orders, in an orderly fashion, since the Babos are not known for being orderly! :-D