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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lucky Ucky Just a Bucky

Lucky Ucky's are here and ready to slip into your pocket or bag and go along for the ride, the walk, the movie, school, or space launch.  You name it, there is a Lucky Ucky just right for the job.

If you buy the complete set pictured, you get them for just over a buck each.  I even "lucked" into a few of them for .79 cents at a local Part City.

About Party City. There is a special Party City exclusive green set of Lucky Ucky's you will not get in the set of 60.  So if you're a collector like I am, get busy on the greens.  And good luck.

Party City calls them Uglydoll Figurines, and they don't come carded, but they are in a little individual see through wrapper.
Some of them stand on their own, while others topple over. The antidote for the Lucky Ucky wobble can be something as simple as museum putty, or as creative as little Fimo stands handcrafted to fit.  I'm opting for the Fimo. (Fimo is a brand name for polymer clay)

I find my Uglydolls love collecting little figures of themselves, so be prepared to share.

Here's a little history tidbit on the origin of Lucky Uckys.

"The inspiration for the Uglydoll LUCKY UCKYS came to Sun-Min and David while roaming the streets of Nakano in Tokyo, Japan as they were searching for old toys and rare collectibles. They imagined spirit guides helping them seek out the rarest hidden treasures and soon after that day, the LUCKY UCKYS were born. We hope you enjoy!"

And here is the link to buy them.
A wise person once said to grab them fast, because they won't be available for long.

Sidd tested, and Dr. Max approved!  These are great!

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