Welcome from the Ugly Shire!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Sky is the Limit

The sky is the limit. Every Uglydoll knows that in the core of their being.
This is Earthtones and his friend, Earthdog. Earthtones came to us without his original apron. You would think that suffering such a huge loss would keep this Wage down. But no. He got busy designing his new apron and even updated it to include a pocket for his friend.
We then found the cute Wage graphic by David Horvath, cut it out and made a personalized  one-of-a-kind button for his apron.  Remember, if you find you've lost your apron do not despair.  The Sky is the Limit!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Watching for Updates

David Horvath recently moved his social media presence to Google+.  From SDCC he broadcasts Uglydoll updates and photos.

You can imagine the enthusiastic chanting of PLUS PLUS as they encourage Big Wage to roll his chair over to he computer to check David's updates.

Ten Spot, our Little Wage has his money tucked in his apron, hoping to spot a potential Ugly purchase.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Jeero Twins

Our Jeero Twins are our newest family members.  They were taken on a tour of the their new home on the rolly cart.  Along the way they picked up an old friend, Pink Cinko.  It was a happy reunion. We can already tell these two will be a fun pair, and we love them to bits. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coffee with Red Dave

Red Dave looked out the window at the fine spray of soft, steady rain. I thought he was feeling melancholy, but NO.  He loves the rain.

He then invited me to go sip and sketch at our local Barnes and Noble. Cozy Red Dave, a hot Americano, sketch pad, and summer rain.  It's a wonderful day.

Perhaps today he will tell me the origin of his name. Dave Darinko.  I love genealogy. Or is it Uglealogy?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 99 Year Sleep Over

Through the years on the internet, my most treasured discovery has been Uglydolls and it's satellite community of collectors and fans.
The Uglydoll creators, Sun-min Kim and David Horvath possess a creative energy I still struggle to describe.  That energy does not remain static in their fluffy creations, but makes it's way out through their Uglydolls and into the world around them.  My theory is that it also has a magnetic property that pulls like-spirited individuals together to form a community that is kind, caring, and often quite generous.

To this spirit we owe our thanks for The 99 Year Sleep-Over Package. 
Our dear  friend Wadie shared the Ugly love by surprising us with a treasure trove of Dunny's  and Kaiju you see in the photo.  Our three Wedgehead's handled the unpacking as we oohed and aahed with each unveiling.
We'd never seen most of these Dunny's, and likely never would have if not for this package.
Series 1 Two-Faced Dunny Set is in the box.  It's a stunner.
Peppered along the shelf is Series 2.  The two Dunny's on the far left at not Horvath creations, but came along for the adventure.
Then there is Mothman.  He's a GID Ohio River Type edition of 50 from Uglycon 1, and was on my "Most Desired" list for some time.
These wonderful new additions to our Ugly Shire will have a place of honor is our home and hearts.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Brip em

You know what to expect when you first meet an Uglydoll.  They'll be cute and charming and all in your business. That's a given.  Plus there's that delightful tag bio that's unique to each Ugly.  But it never ends there.  No. That's just the beginning.  There's always more.  Brip surprised me with his knowledge of roses.  We no longer clip em.  We Brip em.  This is an involved process that accesses the individual personality and needs of each rose.  The proof is in the picture!

We got this fellow from CSToys.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Green Backs and Fraps

This little fellow has a eye for green.  If it's green, he can find it.  Today he found a 10 dollar bill.  His buddy had a 2 for 1 coupon.  Together they came up with two large Caramel Frap's with plenty of change left for another day.

Moral of the story.  It's good to be green.  It's good to drink Frap's.  But best of all, it's good to have friends.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bossy Bear Kaiju

Giant Robot is one of my favorite stores.  Here's why.   Not only was I able to order one of these outstandingly desirable Bossy Bear Kaiju's online, but Giant Robot is getting it SIGNED for me.  Here I am, living half way to nowhere, unable to attend anything remotely "kaiju cool".  But Giant Robot's got my back.  I will soon have in my possession the blue version called GLEE. (Far left in photo)  Why is he so Gleeful?  Because he's getting a David Horvath tatt!  And if we're lucky, Sun-min too!

Click here to see  Bossy Bear Kaiju from Giant Robot.