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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mystery Ice-Bat Spotted: Coldy Holdy

Uglyverse Ice-Bat spotted: Nov 18, 2009

If you collect Uglydolls you know the fun never stops. Tonight I discovered a photo of this handsome Ice-Bat thanks to a cleverly placed pic by Uglydoll creator David Horvath.

Did an immediate happy dance and started calling around. How I love an Ugly mystery!

So far the clues add up to a new special release Uglyverse Ice-Bat. Yes, blue with one red eye and one pick eye!
Classic size. So far I've only found them at FAO NY, and not yet on FAO online store.

UPDATE Nov 19, 2009.....These are Coldy Holdy FAO Ice-Bat exclusives and will be for sale on their online store next week! If you make a 50.00 purchase you will get 10.00 shipping! Don't despair that the online store doesn't know about them yet. They will! Thanks for the info, David! David's blog has some even better details. Check it!
Click here for Fao Online.

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