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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Waffles Goes Shopping

Waffles charmed his way through Starbucks today on his way shopping. He volunteered to buy the Holiday fabrics and notions for our family of Wage's. This was no small task as we have a large family! The lines were long at the fabric store, but as well as being stuffed with love and charm, Waffles is also brimming with patience.

He enjoyed looking into the eyes of all the customers looking into his eyes. He found them as interesting as they found him. They liked him very much, and the feeling was mutual.
He laughed when we said, "He's an Uglydoll", to which many repied, "He's not Ugly at all. I think he's cute". Sometimes it's hard to explain Ugly!

Waffles hopes you will check back in to see the colorful materials and bangles transform into this years Holiday attire for he and his Wage brothers.

Waffles Bio: Waffles arrived with a group of refugee Uglydolls who had seen the tougher side of life. Waffles was missing his apron AND his MOUTH! Having been mauled by a dog, he was grimy and sad. We went to work at once to clean him up, and scheduled him in for surgery with our esteemed Dr. Max Abima. Dr. Max did a masterful job on reconstructing his mouth. Having a mouth, a new apron, and being freshly cleaned did a lot to lift his spirits. Waffles was soon on his feet again and enjoying life to the fullest. He is cherished, and in his forever home.

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