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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Out of the BLUE...New UGLYDOLL Ket LE

Out of the blue...and into the PINK! I didn't see this one coming. What a wonderful surprise from David and Sun-Min. This is a Kitson l limited edition Uglydoll named Ket. He is available for a short time from Kitson. Also available in limited quantities from the Official Uglydoll Store.

I first saw Ket as part of the line-up at David and Dehara Have Mono show in Tokyo. (No, I wasn't there in person) Those were all handmade versions that were rare, expensive, and hard to get. But now we have the pink Ket, who is a modest 20.00 and cute as a bucket of pink, shiny buttons with Ugly faces on them. Cute!

It looks like the tag indicates it is a Kitson Limited Edition, making it all the more fun for collectors such as myself.

This is the kind of November surprise that makes me smile! The Uglydoll creators have a way of spreading sunshine that just amazes me.

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