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Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Friend Dave x 4

Meet My Friend Dave and his friends, Dave, Dave and Dave.

These fabulous guys are new figures from Uglydoll creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. He stands about 5 inches high, and has spikes all along his back.

You might think the best thing about these guys is their undeniable good looks. But consider their personality described in this quote from the insert that comes in a DAVE package.

"MY FRIEND DAVE means we may sometimes feel so lonely but we are never alone because we are ALL ONE! Because we all parts of one whole, so is this gift to you. While Sun-Min and David created him, T9G sculpted him, and INTHEYELLOW produced him, bringing him to life is up to you. When you join in and show us what you've got, we all come alive together. Always feel brave! Like Dave."

The yellow and black figures are "blanks", meaning they are the under-color yet to be adorned. The green Dave is a limited edition from the Giant Robot Biennale. The pink fellow is from Design Festa in Tokyo, Oct 2009. Also a limited edition.

Coming up in January 2010 we will welcome two custom Dave's into our family AND a Monster custom by Sun-Min. Pics coming soon.

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