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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Be Prepared

Curiosity got the best of me when I found our Malcolm Wage outside, a serious look on his face, and standing in a large rubber shoe.  When asked he was very forthcoming. Malcolm kept saying "teens are coming, teens are coming".  I soon figured he did not mean an onslaught of young friends, but rather that it is getting cold. 
As our Safety Officer it is his responsibility to keep us prepared for any and all situations. His weather radio told him we are a weekend away from unusually cold weather for our area.   Sixteen degrees!

That explains his outdoor inspection of the house, and list of To Do items:  Hose bibs, extra snacks, weather stripping, batteries, thermal clothing, extra snacks, mulch plants, buy rock salt, extra snacks, etc.

With his money pouch in hand, he and I are off to buy supplies.  I'm sure we'll make some new friends while we're out there.  Wage is an ambassador wherever he goes.  And everyone walks away just a bit more prepared than when they met him.

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