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Thursday, November 18, 2010

No Fly. No Way.

Like so many of our friends, we've decided to opt out of  of air travel.  No radiation, no pat down, no thanks.

So Sidd and Syndey are almost on the road again. Our current plan is Utah. As you can see from the photo, Sydney is one happy Wedgehead.  He loves to see the sites, go eye to eye with people, and taste the regional goodies along the way.

He looks forward to car travel, reading a map, exploring strange roadside exhibits, alien landing sights, combs and tooth brushes 4 times his height, the worlds largest reptile collection, meteor craters, or dinosaur bones.  He wants to visit Wall Drug, and to understand why the Canyon is Grand. Go rock hounding.
This little fellow will not miss air travel one little bit, and neither will I.  But air travel will miss us!

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