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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Roller the Reindeer rolls into town.

Uglydoll and Toy2r did it again!  They came together to create one of the best vinyl toys I've ever seen.   I knew he'd be great, but he is more than great.  He's superb!  Really!

Not kidding, the first word out of most people's mouths is "brilliant".
It's David Horvath. He's brilliant.  He may not want to be brilliant, but sorry Dave!  You are.  Roller just brings it home again.

Roller's overbite makes me smile so wide my face hurts.  His expression makes you watch him and wonder what his next move will be.  So far, he's just stood there looking at the vastness of Ugly in our house.  Maybe he thinks he's back in the Ugly warehouse. But nope, Roller, you are home!  And our home is just that Ugly!

And again the box is almost as entertaining as the item it contains. Again I say brilliant!  I promise to soon learn a few new descriptive words.
Pictured on left is the Toy2r Tee Version of Roller
On the right the Standard Version.
Link to Roller at Toy2r

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