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Monday, November 15, 2010

Flatwoodsey FAO Exclusive

Oh wow. An FAO Exclusive Flatwoodsey in RED!  I had no clue this guy was coming.  Thanks to JC on the Ugly forum for letting us know!
I pre-ordered mine today with an estimated ship date of Nov 19th.
He was 24.99 with a bit over 5.00 in shipping plus tax.

This fellow is the Classic Uglydoll size of about 14".  Flatwoodsey tends to be one of the taller Uglys due to his natural candy-drop top.  He often can't squeeze onto a shelf with my other Classic Uglys, so he gets to stand in a more prominent spot and be admired. Height advantage: Flatwoodsey.

Here's the link to order him.


  1. AWESOME! I am so getting him for Christmas!
    (I like Flatwoodsey's character, but not his color, so this is great for me.)

  2. is a great color! I can hardly wait for him to arrive.