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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Babo's Cookie Problem

And I didn't even know Babo had a cookie problem. I'm very intrigued and hope that Santa is reading my blog and will give me a gift certificate to pick this up February 22, 2011.  I even like that date 2-22-11. I'm into odd numbers.

This looks like another fuzzy book from Uglydoll, but hard to tell from the photo.  If it is, then it's a tactile pleasure  with its plush, soft material cover.  How many books can you enjoy without having to READ them?  Ok. One is Chilly Chilly Ice Bat.

I'm sure these will be widely available, but here's a link to it at Amazon. 

Don't worry Babo.  Whatever your cookie problem is, we are here to solve it.  You can count on us. And we can ALL count on this being a fabulous book full of adorable art, amusing story line, and fun galore. It's the Uglydoll way!

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