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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nothing to Fear

This is my newest Sun-Min and David art.  It may be small at about the size of a large recipe card, but it is large in every other way.
The cheery pink background draws the eye in from half way across the room.  As you get closer, the adorable Babo and Wage are waiting with an  important and often overlooked message in todays world:  Nothing to Fear.

The result of a close-up encounter with this piece is a lighthearted optimism that is highly contagious. It's already infected a half dozen people!  I'll have to look around the edges of the frame for a "happy warning" label.

I don't know if it's a laser print, or what kind of paper it is, or any of the things people will ask me.  It came in the little frame and is signed by Sun-Min and David and numbered 1/1.  That's the extent of the technical data I have.

Less than five minutes after getting some unexpected Christmas cash I purchased it!  Thanks you to all the forces that made this possible:  David, Sun-Min, and the generosity of my friends.

It makes an interesting tree-topper.  Ice Bat surrendered the space like a gentleman, but he'll be back!  He's a natural-born star.

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