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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wage Makes a Friend

Wage meets a chimpanzee
And here's another thing I have in common with chimpanzees!  Wouldn't you know it would be Uglydolls! 

Special thanks to Sulla55 for this amazing photo. 


  1. Oh my gosh .. haha... That's soo funny! and cute! was the chimp tapping on the glass trying to get wage?

  2. Good question. Maybe Sulla55 who took the photo will come in and answer that!

  3. Hey there! lol that pic is awsome, i just like to say how awsome your blog is too! perhaps we could be friends as i have just started my uglydoll fan blog called ugly forever after, here is the address incase you wanna check it out! i hope you check it out, it has only got a few posts but that will changE!

  4. ignore that address this is the real one srry bout that!

  5. thanks for the comments. good luck on the new venture.