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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hat Wash Day

Hat Wash Day doesn't come around all that often, but sometimes the compass of cleanliness lands on your hat. When it's Fea Bea's turn our Ugly Stick becomes more of a Worry Stick.  He follows his hat along all day from soaking in the suddsie water to swinging in the warm, breezy air.  While we feel his angst at the separation from his beloved hat, we also admire his unwavering focus and patience during the drying process.
We found him sitting just inside with his eyes fixed on his hat as it hung on the porch to dry.  He never looks away.  We queried his Worry Stick side to hear his concerns. Squirrels. Birds. Bandits. Mad Hatters.
If that hat doesn't dry soon, we'll have to call in another Ugly Stick to give poor Fea Bea a couple of revitalizing raps to restore his happy.
Garden Wage hasn't left his side.  He says he can relate.

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