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Monday, August 29, 2011

Giant Robot Buttons UP!

Let's hear it for GIANT ROBOT webstore. Once again they ride to the rescue of this Uglydoll fan.  They have all the buttons and walked me through the process of getting a complete set at 1.00 each!

Here's what you do whether you want a few or all of them.

Click here.   Then when you get through the order process you'll see the comment section.  Tell them there which buttons you want and they will do their BEST to get you those buttons!

They are so friendly and helpful at GR.  Their cool factor is at least 1000!  Aaron helped me via email, and even lowered the weight of the buttons so that the shipping cost is affordable for a tiny item like this.
If you have any special needs for your order, I highly recommend the email contact.  They are prompt and go the extra mile.
Thanks to Aaron and Giant Robot I will soon be in possession of ALL the Ugly Buttons plus a few more to give friends.

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