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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make Room for Uglydoll x Funko

Make room on your Uglydoll collectible shelves. Uglydoll and Funko got together and made these funky, funny, squat little figures of our favorite characters, Wage, Ox, Babo, Ice-bat, and Batty Shogun.

Once again, following the Ugly Brick Road has lead me to a new experience in toys. I'd never heard of Funko, but now that Uglydoll has joined the line-up, I may have to pick up some of their other amazing pieces. Funko has a nicely endowed website with a Forum of devoted fans and collectors.  Some were unaware of Uglydoll, and I was unaware of Funko, so we'll all have loads of newness to enjoy.

Cool looking window boxes make these just that much more desirable.
Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi's investigative work on the Funko site makes me suspect these will be 3.75 inches tall and somewhere between 7-12 bucks each, with possible articulation. They are part of their Pop Vinyl collection along with Micky House,  V for Vendetta figure, Tinker Bell and more. Sweet!

My next investigative task is to discover a release date.


  1. these are super awesome! i can't wait to own them all ^___^

  2. Me too! I saw other Funko characters at Barnes and Noble today and tried to imagine seeing Uglydolls among them soon. Yay!