Welcome from the Ugly Shire!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Basheeshee Too

I just ordered the Uglydoll sweatshirt and look who jumped into box.  Basheeshee!  

I like all kinds of things about the look of this fellow.  The curvy lines of the ears placed smoothly along his head. Classic design perfection.  And most of all I like this about him from his description...

"his capacity for love, caring, understanding, and letting his ears down to rock it baby..."

Basheeshee is here. 

Uglydoll Sweatshirt

Hey!  This totally rocks!  The coolness of basic black with the mark of true style and intelligence....Uglydolls!
If ever a piece of clothing was made for me, this is it.  I'm going to get two and call it my uniform.  Goodbye old Firefox black hoodie.  Hello Uglydoll!
My friends are already sending notes of thanks to the makers.

You can get yours here.  But don't buy them all before I get mine. Ugly hoodie.

It's 45.00.  Knowing the  unyielding Uglydoll commitment to quality it will last you at least 50 years.  That's 90 cents a year.  Can't beat it.

I'm so seriously lovin this I'm buying mine today. Finally, a reason to love the chilly weather.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Uglys in my office

What's it like to share office space with Uglydolls?
It's like THIS!
It's bliss!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Uglydolls 2011

I knew 2011 would be a GREAT year for Uglydolls. Just look at these!
Dave Darinko in grey.
Groody in bright green.
Brip in otherworldly color
Suddy in orange

Wow and double Wow!  I need to hold one of these right now.  I am especially smitten with Dave Darinko and Suddy.  The grey color is very appealing and reminds me of a grey handmade Fea Bea I fell in love with from afar. I still dream of that Fea Bea.  So I'm very glad of the grey.  Plus he helps balance the power of vividness from the other Uglys.

ORANGE is a top 3 favorite colors for me. Suddy!

But if you like your Ugly with more punch, there is a very punchy RED Dave Darinko for you to love.

David and Sun-Min!  Goodness.  Inspirational, unfathomable creative duo, I thank you!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bossy Bear Kaiju

There's a new monster in town.  And he's Bossy.  VERY Bossy.  Don't even THINK about messing with him.

Kind and reliable source says Feb. release.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello I Kill You

When I first saw Hello I Kill You it scared me.  But then I saw darling Wedgehead looking up with love in his eye and I realized I felt just the way Wedgehead does about this monster.  The more I looked at it ,the more I chuckled, whilst quickly pushing the BUY button.

The back of the frame had a secret surprise. David Horvath signed it, and wrote "Gargamel Rules", and added a drawing of Wedgehead.  You don't notice this secret writing at first because David used a darkish pen on a  dark surface.  Very cool!

I placed it on a piece of furniture in a high traffic area so I can enjoy it many times a days.  I can hardly believe my good fortune to have this!

Comes from the Gargamel and Friends show at Rotofugi Gallery Dec 10, 2010 to Jan 9, 2011.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ugly Cups and Mugs

Here's a handy screen shot of the new Uglydoll cups and mugs up for pre-order at
May I say....WOWZER!
This is near-perfect timing for me.  I have a birthday coming up at the end of the month.  Now I have a large and growing wish list!  I am the easiest person in the world to shop for, thanks to Uglydoll!

Anyone out there know the cup capacity... as in ounces?  Thanks.
UPDATE:  I'll be getting my birthday gifts a month late this year.  Expected ship date for these is Feb 28, 2011. No worries.  I'll still be thrilled as can be!

Babo Cookie Jar

What a PERFECT match-up.  Babo and a Cookie Jar.  We will have so much fun feeding Babo his cookies!

Wind-Up OX

Wind-Up Ox!  I feel a new branch of my collection coming on.  Uglydoll would NEVER let Ox walk alone.  So I'm at least expecting Wedgehead to hit the pavement.  And why not all the others?  Yay!

2011 Uglydoll Peeks

All I can say is....oh, oh, oh!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spring Is In Your Heart

Even if it's wintery cold outside you can always find a way to sprout a little springtime happiness.  Perhaps it's a beautiful card you made just to surprise a friend. Or a batch of oatmeal cookies strategically placed to share. Or a Facebook comment that makes someones day. Or a cheery splash of yellow narcissus.  Whether large or small, each seed grows.

Wage says, "Spring is in your heart!  So get out your watering can and spread the love. "

Have a truly Ugly Day!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ox in the Box

Looks who's almost here!  Uglydoll Jack in the Box...but I call him Ox in the Box. Jack? I don't think so.

I've been waiting all year for this guy to pop up.

My fingers are ready to turn the crank.

And LOOK at the tin box he's in.  Adorable Uglydoll art around every corner.

OK.  I do often get excited about upcoming Uglydoll items, but I'm quadruple excited by Ox in the Box.

Pre-order him here. 

Ugly Town Drawing

I can hardly believe this original drawing by David Horvath is actually mine.  It is my most recent addition to my tiny art collection, and I just love it!

The detail is amazing.  I lose myself into Ugly Town when I gaze at it.  Every nook is occupied by a favorite friend such as Uglyworm, Abima, and Wedgehead.  My gosh, how does David do this!!?

The collector I bought it from said he bought it at a Giant Robot show some years ago.  That's really all I know about the history.

It has a permanent home with me.