Welcome from the Ugly Shire!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ket is here!

A package arrived from The Official Uglydoll Store. Ket popped out with a twinkle in his eye and a hug for everyone.

David said this is one of the earliest Ugly designs, and is one of Sun-Min and David's favorites.

This little guy reminds me of a fluffy piece of toast with banana ears. And hugable? Oh yes. He fits snuggly in your arms, and has ears like handles that fit perfectly in your hands. He arrived a bit flat, but a little fluffing is all it took for him to puff into a lovable softy pal.

David Horvath describes him as a guy who KNOWS clothing saying, "He IS fashion". But being super indecisive, he arrived without an outfit to his name. No prob. He came to the right place. We have some VERY decisive Uglydolls who can take his fashionable ideas and craft the wardrobe of his dreams. Then tell him which one to wear! Perfecto.

About Ket: He is a Kitson Exclusive Uglydoll, meaning....get him at Kitson while you can! Also available at Uglydoll Store. Only in classic 14" size for 20.00.

Bossy Bear Holiday 2009

Bossy Bear knows how to get in the spirit. This year he's gone red, and he's gone green in this special vinyl edition. I would try to decide which one I want, but I'll save myself the trouble and get both. Mine all Mine.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mystery Ice-Bat Spotted: Coldy Holdy

Uglyverse Ice-Bat spotted: Nov 18, 2009

If you collect Uglydolls you know the fun never stops. Tonight I discovered a photo of this handsome Ice-Bat thanks to a cleverly placed pic by Uglydoll creator David Horvath.

Did an immediate happy dance and started calling around. How I love an Ugly mystery!

So far the clues add up to a new special release Uglyverse Ice-Bat. Yes, blue with one red eye and one pick eye!
Classic size. So far I've only found them at FAO NY, and not yet on FAO online store.

UPDATE Nov 19, 2009.....These are Coldy Holdy FAO Ice-Bat exclusives and will be for sale on their online store next week! If you make a 50.00 purchase you will get 10.00 shipping! Don't despair that the online store doesn't know about them yet. They will! Thanks for the info, David! David's blog has some even better details. Check it!
Click here for Fao Online.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Waffles Goes Shopping

Waffles charmed his way through Starbucks today on his way shopping. He volunteered to buy the Holiday fabrics and notions for our family of Wage's. This was no small task as we have a large family! The lines were long at the fabric store, but as well as being stuffed with love and charm, Waffles is also brimming with patience.

He enjoyed looking into the eyes of all the customers looking into his eyes. He found them as interesting as they found him. They liked him very much, and the feeling was mutual.
He laughed when we said, "He's an Uglydoll", to which many repied, "He's not Ugly at all. I think he's cute". Sometimes it's hard to explain Ugly!

Waffles hopes you will check back in to see the colorful materials and bangles transform into this years Holiday attire for he and his Wage brothers.

Waffles Bio: Waffles arrived with a group of refugee Uglydolls who had seen the tougher side of life. Waffles was missing his apron AND his MOUTH! Having been mauled by a dog, he was grimy and sad. We went to work at once to clean him up, and scheduled him in for surgery with our esteemed Dr. Max Abima. Dr. Max did a masterful job on reconstructing his mouth. Having a mouth, a new apron, and being freshly cleaned did a lot to lift his spirits. Waffles was soon on his feet again and enjoying life to the fullest. He is cherished, and in his forever home.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Out of the BLUE...New UGLYDOLL Ket LE

Out of the blue...and into the PINK! I didn't see this one coming. What a wonderful surprise from David and Sun-Min. This is a Kitson l limited edition Uglydoll named Ket. He is available for a short time from Kitson. Also available in limited quantities from the Official Uglydoll Store.

I first saw Ket as part of the line-up at David and Dehara Have Mono show in Tokyo. (No, I wasn't there in person) Those were all handmade versions that were rare, expensive, and hard to get. But now we have the pink Ket, who is a modest 20.00 and cute as a bucket of pink, shiny buttons with Ugly faces on them. Cute!

It looks like the tag indicates it is a Kitson Limited Edition, making it all the more fun for collectors such as myself.

This is the kind of November surprise that makes me smile! The Uglydoll creators have a way of spreading sunshine that just amazes me.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Friend Dave x 4

Meet My Friend Dave and his friends, Dave, Dave and Dave.

These fabulous guys are new figures from Uglydoll creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. He stands about 5 inches high, and has spikes all along his back.

You might think the best thing about these guys is their undeniable good looks. But consider their personality described in this quote from the insert that comes in a DAVE package.

"MY FRIEND DAVE means we may sometimes feel so lonely but we are never alone because we are ALL ONE! Because we all parts of one whole, so is this gift to you. While Sun-Min and David created him, T9G sculpted him, and INTHEYELLOW produced him, bringing him to life is up to you. When you join in and show us what you've got, we all come alive together. Always feel brave! Like Dave."

The yellow and black figures are "blanks", meaning they are the under-color yet to be adorned. The green Dave is a limited edition from the Giant Robot Biennale. The pink fellow is from Design Festa in Tokyo, Oct 2009. Also a limited edition.

Coming up in January 2010 we will welcome two custom Dave's into our family AND a Monster custom by Sun-Min. Pics coming soon.