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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Best Day Eve Interviews

August 18th is #1 Best Day Ever.  It's an Official Uglydoll Holiday on the 2010 calendar, and is taken seriously around here. We formed an Ugly committee to work out the details of observing such an important holiday.

We picked our best and brightest, and of course Dr. Max Abima was best suited as committee chairman.  Max decided this was a day best approached with a trial run.  He challenged our Uglys to think, go out, and have...The Best Day Ever....EVE!  That way we could work out any wrinkles.

Dr. Max observed them at their task, and interviewed a few of the Uglys for the Chronicles.

Big Toe took time in the Bamboo Garden to reflect and relax.  Time alone for a member of the dazzling 2010 Big Toe Collection is hard to find.  Though he enjoyed it, he made an important discovery we will reveal tomorrow.  Stay tuned, grasshopper!

Cookies. Cookes are wonderful !Babo wondered if it would be better to BE cookies than EAT cookies.  He crammed himself into a tight box to better embody a cookie. Would that make for the best day ever?

Little Wage and Uglydog thought a adventure would be the Best Day Ever.  They explored far and wide, and made some new friends.  Pretty fun, but the best?  We shall see.

Malcolm Wage is our Safety Officer.  It's a huge responsibility.  His mind is on safety, day and night.  So for his Best Day Ever he went for something daring. Something risky.  Something UN-safe.  Metal sculpture climbing!  Being Malcolm, he did tote a long his light saber,  warning flasher, money, a bit of rope,  and a cell phone. 

  "Take risks, but be smart!."  Malcolm Wage.

Tomorrow Dr. Max and our Ugly family will be right back here to share with you our #1 Best Day that we've had some practice.  

We hope you will have YOUR Best Day EVER, and share with us!

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