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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Uglydoll Tags with Max Abima

Max completed stage 2 of the Uglydoll Tag Project. He recruited some other members of the Abima family to the Tag Team.  They were very helpful, usually.

Here's what he used to make it happen.

  • Uglydoll Tags.  Max used the tags from 2 foot and Classic Uglys.
  • Collector Card Wall Display by Collector's Museum. 16 x 20 (Max used two)
  • Wall hanging hardware
  • Hands
  • Virgil, Beamer(in the hat)  and Wee Abima
We found these neat Card Displays for 50% off on sale at 15.00 each.
The frame allows for sliding the individual card holders in and out of the display unit for opening and viewing.

"See what you can do with a pair of hands!" Dr. Max Abima

Edited to add a link to the Wall Unit. You can find them here, and here, but sorry, not on sale.


  1. wow that's pretty neat! what store is this?

  2. Thanks!
    We got them at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts.

  3. oh okay cool! i can't seem to find it, but it's okay.. i decided to buy some of those baseball card plastic sheet protectors and stick all my tags in there and put it in a binder LOL... thanks to you i have a new hobby haha..