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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Uglydoll Calendars Up Close 2011

Uglydoll Calendars 2011 came today. .  Each month of the mini and standard size calendar shows a different charming Uglydoll photograph up top, with the amazing art of David Horvath sprinkled about the bottom.
 Each calendar has a sheet of bonus Uglydoll stickers! I let the sheets peak out from beneath the calendars so you could get an idea of how awesome they are without giving away the surprise. The mini calendar has a mini sheet of stickers, and the biggy has a bigger sheet!

Both calendars show September, October, November, and December 2010 together on one page for easy reference, and to let you get started using the your new Uglydoll Calendar right away. 

Color in cheerful abundance,  David's more-than-awesome art, together with adorable real-life Uglydoll photos make these calendars 1000% Ugly!  And a complete winner!

Those who get Uglydoll calendars each year will notice a solid departure from the entirely art-driven  Uglydoll calendars of past years. Though I confess to LOVING the old calendars with LOTS David's drawings, text bubbles everywhere, and quirky Uglydoll holidays, I am all on board with the NEW as well.  The 2011 Calendars are certain to make me smile every time I look at them.  How many things can I say that about!

I can already hear my own Uglydolls hoping to make it into next years calendar!  There's a little model in everyone, I guess. 

Oh. Mini Calendar. March.  Laugh Out Loud Funny!  Oh my gosh. Wait till you see.  One clue. Pointy Max. 

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  1. :O I spot Moxy in the stickers for the Big Calendar!!!! She's my favourite & that's enough to convince me that I MUST get the Uglydoll Calendar 2011!!!!