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Sunday, August 1, 2010

For Love of Uglycorn

Little wonder I'm getting a lot of questions from online Ugly friends and family about the amazing and desirable Uglycorn. In fact, I'm hearing from friends I didn't know I had.  I like it!

The questions are all the same, with minor variations.  Where can I get them?

If you act soon you can get the Little Pink Uglycorn Here at the Official Uglydoll Store or
Here at Toy Tokyo or
Go to their store in New York.
Little Pink is the Toy Tokyo Exclusive. Price 15.00 plus shipping.

Classic size Blue Uglycorn is available in very limited numbers here at Giant Robot.  Price 30.00 plus shipping

Will Blue Uglycorn go up for sale on the Official Uglydoll Web Store with the Little Pink Uglycorn?
Word is the Blue will not be put on the Official Uglydoll Web Store, but only at Giant Robot and a smattering of other select small retailers of the walk-in toy store variety. Sorry but I don't know the locations of these stores.
A very few may make it to New York Comic-Con.

My unofficial and strictly Ugly fan advice is to get your Uglycorn while you can.  Holding Uglycorn is a truly wonderful experience.

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