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Monday, October 25, 2010

It's a Mystery

MartyKat may be an Uglydoll of the Gato Deluxe variety, but he's also pure cat and ... curious.
Last night he took to the shadows and went to the Big Room to see what his friends were up to.  He was stopped in his tracks by something completely unexpected.  ANOTHER Gato Deluxe.   MartyKat does not know where this new fellow came from....and neither do we!  Seriously! But there he was, standing amongst MartyKats friends like he belongs.

We thought he was MartyKat, seen in the left of photo.  Nope. Far from it. The mystery fellow could be Gato Super Deluxe from his plump and ample stature. Everyone is talking about it today.
Where DID he come from?
The new guy's not talking.  He likes the attention.  We named him Mr. Ree.

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