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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Ugly Report for October

News from the Uglyverse seems a bit sparse these days. But after some investigative googling I found out a couple of things.
Uglydoll Action Figure Series 3 is done and ready for Toy Fair. 
AND...there is an entirely new plastic based Uglydoll line in the works!  Source: Davids' Uglyblog. 
The possibilities are endless on what David could be referring to, but that does not stop me from trying to imagine what it could be!  My latest guess...Ugly rockets!

New York Comicon came and went (today is the last day) without much fanfare that I could detect online.  This seemed odd to me, and in contrast to the excitement of SDCC where people were busy planning how to get an item, a sketch, an autograph, or a mule for the event.  I don't think David and Sun-Min went to NYCC, so that would definitely contribute to a quieter Ugly fan group. Someone let me know if I'm wrong about that. 

I've been asked about NYCC exclusives.  It's the adorable Uglycorn from SDCC!  That will also be the Ugly Exclusive plush at Singapore this year.  The Uglycorn is a Limited Edition, but I'm still searching for info as to how many there are! 

And get this!  There will be a special Medicom x Uglydoll Bearbrick Exclusive at Singapore Toy Fair. Who will join Icebat, Ox, Wage trio??  I haven't a clue. They'll be the Mod Quad!  Source: video interview with Alita of Uglydoll. 

What I'm sure of with all certainty is that Uglydoll has wonderful surprises in store for us.  How many times have they left me saying, wow, that was a dud.  Zero!  Yep, 0% of the time.
That leaves an astonishing record of 100% excellence.  So I'm ready and waiting for whatever is around the corner for the Ugly fan!  

Check back soon for some pics my new Uglydoll Tin and Uglybot!  So cool! 

Thanks to a wonderful Uglydoll friend, Noella, for the Wage Sticker pictured above.  
Sticker is 3x4 inches.

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  1. You're very welcome! Oh and think I remember David mentioning the Airport full body scan as a reason for not going to NYCC.