Welcome from the Ugly Shire!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yellow Uglydog

We welcomed Yellow Uglydog into our family today.  He's a dog of a different color! In person, he's a more vivid yellow with a slight tint of green.  His soft blue eye just melts us like butter. And red teeth!

This guy is a one-of-a-kind  handmade Uglydoll by Sun-min Kim and is from Uglycon 2 that took place at Giant Robot San Francisco in 2007. There were two handmade Uglydogs in that show. The other fellow was blue with a red eye.

I saw this Uglydog's photo two years ago in a forum thread and commented on how amazing I felt he was.  Little did I know  he would be with me someday, but I did wish and dream!
In the photo with him are a pair of Wedgehead's you may be familiar with. It's our trusty mail crew White Cat and Humphrey who regularly appear in photos orienting new family members to their surroundings.

My sincerest thanks to my Ugly friends who made this adoption possible!  And a very big thank you to his other Mommie who took such loving care of him.

Oh, and then there are the amazing creators....thanks Sun-min and David!  


  1. very cool! i want to adopt a handmade someday hehe... ^___^

  2. Congratulations Sidd!!! What a wonderful surprise :-D. Your beautiful Yellow Dog was one of the more coveted Uglies at the Uglycon2 GRSF, way back in 2007. As I remember, everyone "oooohhhed and ahhhhed" over Goldilocks and Aqua Dog. Really beautiful colors. "Goldilocks'" bright red teeth and blue eyes really are quite a contrast against his pale yellow fur. I'm so happy to learn that he is in a wonderful Ugly Home, with a forever loving Mummee! Yay! :-D

  3. hch...Thanks. I know you will have your handmade someday.

    wadie...thank you! What an adorable nickname "goldilocks" is. It's so fun to hear more of his history from Uglycon from someone who was there! I've seen pics of his brother, Aqua Dog, and he is also a stunner. We are honored to have His Yellowness.

  4. i really want a hand made ugly :) and i was wondering if you knew how to get it

  5. Charlotte, For me, getting a handmade Ugly takes patience, planning, and saving. I wanted one for a very very long time before i got my first one. Ebay is one of the surest ways to have a chance at one. Or if you know people with handmades, you can let them know you want on the waiting list if they decide to adopt out. (be sure to have a good bit of adoption money because they have gotten pricey. )

  6. alright thank you! i saw a pink cinko on ebay the other day but i wasn't interested

  7. and i was also wondering if you had any handmade uglydolls that you dont want? if so im totally interested