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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gifts for Halloween

Ugly Chronicles Halloween Gift suggestions are unsurprisingly Uglydoll!

How could you go wrong with an Icebat in the traditional colors of Halloween!  Sometimes called Secret Mission Icebat, these fine fellows made their way from the  Limited Edition Secret Mission group into the regular retail Uglydoll line-up. Plus they come in clip-on size for about 6.00 and two foot size as well.  That is happy news for those of you who want to get or give one for Halloween!

In this photo on the left we have Super7 Icebat, then two Little Icebat's with different teeth, then we have a regular Classic Icebat in his Halloween costume.  Guess who he's dressed up as?  Super7 Icebat!  We call this fellow Super6.5. 
Super7 Icebat is a Limited Edition Uglydoll from years gone by, exclusive to the Super7 store.  There were only 75 made.  He can be costly in today's collectors market.  BUT, you can dress up your Black Icebat like Super6.5 with a modest amount of cash and sewing skill.  Just make the cape and tie.  That's it.
Super7 has a tag in his cape that says....Super7, but for a costume you don't need that!
Hey, make yourself an orange cape, add a bat mask and go trick or treat with your Icebat as twins!

If I could afford it, I would get a box of Clip-on Uglydolls and give them out for Halloween instead of candy.  Can you image how much fun that would be for both the trick or treater and myself!

This is what I'm getting from my family for Halloween!  Here's the link if you want one.

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