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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bearbrick Babo and Trucko

Smokin!!! And in a good way.
Two new Uglydoll Bearbricks have made their way to the front of the line.
Babo and Trunko.
Look out. It's a frenzy of color. They look like they're about to launch into a snappy dance routine.  I suggest a classic like the Hammer Dance.
Pink Trunko made the transition to Beabrick in fine style.  His nose is adorable.

Uglydoll.  David and Sun-Min.  Always amazing. 

Here's some info copied from Action City on Facebook.
Exclusive ACTION CITY 10th Anniversary Commemorative BE@RBRICK Box Set

Created by renowned UGLYDOLL designers, Sun-Min & David, this limited edition collectible BE@RBRICK box set includes 2 pieces of 100% BE@RBRICK: TRUNKO + BABO.

*Only 500 pieces for Exclusive Advance Launch by Action City in Singapore.
=====When I find out how to get them, I'll let you know.

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