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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Uglydoll Pillows

Big Toe Uglypillow
Rest your head on this and you'll never want to get up again!  Or maybe you'll jump right up and run wild.  However you roll, you can go wrong with one of these!
Ox Uglypillow
Trunko Uglypilow
They are available over at the Uglydoll Store for a very friendly price of 25.00 each.  I was thinking they would cost twice as much, but at this price, I can have them ALL!  

Being an ample 14" x 14" this is no foo-foo pillow, no tiny whisper of softness, no hint of color hiding in the corner.  This is a full on, soft and fluffy, major presence ready to go face to face with anyone. Once I get my hands, or rather head on one of these I'll be right back to share the wonder with you.

Ice-bat Uglypillow...sure to be super popular!

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