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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Ugly Valentine

Our Ugly crew is getting all excited about Valentine's Day. They're not sure just yet what to do, but they know it will involve lots and lots of candy hearts.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uglydolls 2010

I made a little collage of the Uglydoll line-up for 2010. So far, Pointy Max (bottom left) and Picksey (on his right) have been released.

You can get them from the Official Uglydoll Store linked on the sidebar of this blog.

The blue fellow is Ket. He has some great handlebar ears that didn't fit in the collage.

He is like the Pink Kitson Ket in an earlier post, only blue!

When I get reliable release dates, or even semi-reliable rumors, I'll post them.

Who they are: Top row, left to right: Wippy, Nandy Bear, Ket.
Middle row: Batty Shogun, Cozy Monster.
Bottom row: Pointy Max, Picksey, Mynus

Monday, January 25, 2010

Nandy Bear, I love you.

Nandy Bear is one of the 8 new Uglydolls coming out in 2010. And he's a love. Look at those gorgeous big blues, and the knobby-bobby ears. From his toast-like shape to those twinkle toes, he's pure Uglydoll perfection. He's the Mona Lisa of Ugly. I bet he is layered in talent. I can see him performing an effortless classic ballet, or playing goalie in a soccer match.

I want to reach right out through cyberspace and hug him, get to know his tastes, preferences and dreams. I bet we have lots in common.

Hey Nandy Bear. Can you hear me? I can hardly wait to welcome you home.

Oh, and the other 7 Uglydolls for 2010 are also amazing and will soon be added to the blog.

For David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, lightening continues to strike as the Uglydoll line grows evermore exciting and fun each year. Thanks so much for the magic!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome Handmade Jeero

An extraordinary Uglydoll joined on family today. Meet Jeero. This fellow is a prototype handmade by Sun-Min Kim and designed by David Horvath for the new Jeero 3.0 recently released by Uglydoll. A prototype lacks the customary thread sometimes called the umbilical cord that comes on the back of handmades from art shows and Uglycon.

Since you're are reading the Ugly Chronicles, you know I love, adore, and collect Uglydolls. And this Jeero sets my collectors heart ablaze with delight. Anything made my Sun-Min has a special quality that is only partially evident in photographs. In person they absolutely radiate. It isn't just Sun-Min's excellent sewing skill, nor the super marhsmellowy softness. It's not just the cheerful brightness. But all these things come together in such a rare and blessed way as to create an atmosphere of joy and happy that engulfs us. Now add in the magic that is Jeero himself and that is a recipe for perfection.

Classic store bought Uglydolls have considerable powers all their own. I've been completely smitten many times by the retail versions of Uglydolls. But a handmade Uglydoll has a unique and special quality that I continue to attempt to share, but always fall short in doing so. Anyway, it's LOVE!

If you love Uglydolls and ever get a chance to experience a handmade, don't hesitate. They are well worth it. I save for my Uglyness by dog sitting. It takes quite awhile at dog sitting rates to save enough for the rare collectibles. Yet I always feel my money is well spent. I have something I will love all my life, and that brings a smile to everyone who passes my way.

My birthday is this week. My friends pooled their money so I could pick up this pink Jeero. Nothing could suit me better for my birthday. Well, OK, had David and Sun-Min driven the Fedex truck, that would have been better. But barring that, this is the best!

It is such a wonderful world filled with surprise and generosity. I just got the Wage Bearbrick seen in the previous post. My dearest friend fell hard for the Bearbrick. I could tell she REALLY wanted him. I tried to force my hand to give him to her, but I lacked the strength. But wait! What do you suppose was tucked in the box WITH pink Jeero? Yes, a Wage Bearbrick! Happy happy me! I now have the second one for my birthday, and I'm giving the first one to my friend. What a kindness to include the wee Wage in the box!

Today I do not believe anything is random. Everything is interwoven, connected somehow. Have a great week everyone!

About that pillow: It's pretty special itself. It was handmade by a very beloved relative from dresses and fabrics she's had many years. So it's kind of a history pillow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Coffee, Small Wage

Big Coffee. Small Wage. Thankfully, not a comment on my economic status. The small Wage is the new Medicom Bearbrick Series 19 release of our darling and beloved Uglydoll...WAGE! And wow, he is powerfully appealing. All 2 inches of him. He's nicely articulated to stand, sit, turn his head, and charm.

If I were of a mind to collect outside the Uglydoll realm, and most of you know what a stretch that is for me, I would grab the Mr. Spock Bearbrick that came out in the series with Wage. He has it all.
Do you want your own Wage Bearbrick so bad you could scream? No problem. I got this fellow off ebay for a very reasonable price.

The lovely cup came from Starbucks. You can see my red SUV in the very back of the pic past the red pickup truck.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tin Toys from Uglydoll

I'm dancing for joy! Tin Toys from Uglydoll. Trucks, cars, robots, more! I just hauled this image over from David Horvath's Uglyblog. I am SO excited. Uglydoll will debut their latest creative endeavor February 14th at Toy Fair.

I've loved Tin Toys my whole life. I lost my entire Tin Toy collection when my storage room was broken into and cleaned out. I never had the heart to begin again. Until NOW! I'm already planning the location of my new shelves.

This was so totally unexpected. I'm always trying to guess what Uglydoll will do next. I'm never right, but it's fun to guess. (Ok, how could anyone have GUESSED First Mate Trunko.) I didn't even come close to guessing this one! Tin Toys! Way to go Uglydoll!

As soon as I can find some, I will post more pics.

Wanna see something fun? Click here. This is robot webpage for Schylling who will be making the Uglydoll Tin Toys.

My dreams will be filled with hopes that my beloved Wedgehead will someday be a Tin Toy! Gulp.