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Friday, July 30, 2010

Guess Who? Guess Who?

Look what I found in the backyard today. A game of Guess Who-Guess Who going on!

They won't take off their disguises, so we're still trying to guess who!

Wippy Express

The Wippy Express arrived today, and Wippy brought his friend Big Toe.  

Big Toe doesn't know it yet, but he has lots of family waiting to greet him. Our other Big Toe's from the Big Toe Collection have been counting the days till his arrival, and planned a  surprise welcome bash. Of course Wippy will join right in. You can see he is that kind of guy. Wippy's "got your back", and sometimes having someone's back means attending a party!
Yellow Big Toe is from the Uglydoll Big Toe Collection and is a Limited Edition. He only comes in the Classic size.
Wippy comes in all four Ugly sizes.

Warning: These two are extraordinarily charming and cute. Be prepared to deal with it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Uglydoll Calendar 2011 Big Size!

It's confirmed!  Both Uglydoll 2011 calendars are out!
Google for it and you'll find a few.  Soon they'll be widely available.
The one to the left is the larger, standard sized wall calendar.
Size is about 12x12.

Amazon has them on "super saver" right now, meaning if you get over 25.00 worth of goodies you get free shipping.
The big calendar is 11.19.
Mini Calendar is 7.99 on Amazon.
I just ordered mine!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Uglydoll Calendar 2011 Mini

How'd that happen?  
The release of the 2011 Uglydoll Calendar slipped right by me!
It's out and available for about 7.99.  This one is the Mini Calendar with one of my all-time favorite pics of Wedgehead on the cover.  I'm really excited to see the other  months!  For the space-challenged the Mini is especially good news.

And's a 16 month calendar.  Are there 16 months in an Ugly year?  If so, I'm younger than I thought.

I've learned not to assume.  So I'm off to see if the standard size large Uglydoll calendar is also available.  I'll let you know!

Uglycorn is Here


David Horvath said the Uglycorn does not fly alone and he wasn't kidding.
The pictures says it all.  They are complete mystical wonders.  We adore them!  They adore US!
They've been known to gently rub our foreheads with their soft, plushy golden horns, thereby producing waves of happiness and giggles.  Also better for a headache than aspirin in my experience.

Thank you David and Sun-Min for another miracle.

Blue Uglycorn is the San Diego Comic-Con Limited Edition.
Pink Uglycorn is the Toy Tokyo release.
Get em now!
Big Blue Uglycorn at Giant Robot
Little Pink Uglycorn at Ugly Web store and at Toy Tokyo.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Uglydoll Hats!

The SDCC booth photo from Uglydolls Facebook is exciting in so many ways.  From the rainbow of Uglydolls along the wall, to all the happy people, it's a delightful scene.

But what's that I see?  An Uglydoll HAT?  Oh yeah!

So far I've seen pics of them in blue and pink.  Guess what I'll be wearing this winter! ?

Uglydoll Hat!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Toe Photo Contest Winner

Winner Photograph from Random Uglydoll's Big Toe Pictures Contest!

This shot was taken by Chabot.  Look at the artistic angle, and the way Big Toe's personality is accentuated. VERY nice shot.
Congratulation to Chabot.
And Big thanks to Random Uglydoll for the contest.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When Art Has Wheels

When art has wheels you are presented with some rather unique options.
There's the could go places with it, hang out around town with it, show it to strangers, haul heavy items with it.
But for me, skimming across the surface of planet earth atop one of my most cherished art pieces would result in some cuts, contusions, and possibly breaks.  Hopefully mine and not the Ugly skate decks!

The latter possibility that harm could befall my new lovely Ugly deck inspired me to ride it all of 4 to 6 inches across the hardwood floor of my living room, then reverently elevate it to a tabletop to admire it for what it really is.  ART.

So now I have an art piece with wheels.  Wheels on the wall will have it's own unique effect in my life. People will wonder, people will ask, why do you have a skateboard on your wall.  And I will explain that it is not a skateboard, but a fine piece of Uglydoll art on wheels.  One that will never again touch the ground.

Don't know the question, but WIPPY'S the answer

WIPPY's the answer. 

He's new, he available, and ready to step up. 

See what his card says!
"Dude, like seriously for real, Wippy is looking out for you. Every time you see Wippy you might as well shout out “Good lookin’ out!”, because he probably did something remarkable for you without you even being aware of it! In fact, most the time... you’ll swear Wippy’s done absolutely nothing for you. That’s how stealth his awesome forces of assistance is. For real though! Remember that time you were all depressed and wondering when things were going to turn around? I know, huh. Anyway, Wippy’s got you."

I need a real big Wippy hug right now.
Wippy's gonna be a busy boy around my house. He'll love it here.

About Ugly Blog

To my Ugly friends and fellow Uglydoll fans who have been contacting me to let me know the Ugly Blog is gone.... I know.  Please do not take my silence as a sign it doesn't matter to me. It matters so much that I'm having trouble processing it.

I'm reading and re-reading your messages, but I'm at a loss for words.  I know the words will come, and when they do I'll put them here on the Ugly Chronicles.

Plastic and Plush had this to say.  I could not have said it better.

But the words that really matter are David Horvaths's, and new announcements etc can be found over at Ugly Forum.

I do know this.  I love Uglydolls and the people who created them.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wee Wage

To see him is to love him!  

See what David posted.  It looks like a WEE vinyl Wage. Yet pics can deceive.  He could be 6 feet tall.

This makes me crazy with the warm fuzzies.  I want to pick him up and tell him he's safe and loved.  Oh little Wagie!

David!  Tell us what, when, and where!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Look Wants Coming to Uglydoll

           That's Tutulu in blue, Mij in yellow with the uppsey ears, a green Uglybot, a black Uglybot, and pink Flatwoodsey. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Mystery of 611

Some people look for hidden meanings in lyrics of favorite bands.  Others dig for cryptic messages in books.

For me, it's Uglydoll art and calendars.  I look them over closely, hunting for clues to future Uglydolls, or links to Ugly ancestry.  Occasionally I notice something that tickles my curiosity.  Currently the number 611.

Check out how it pops up here and there in the Uglyverse.  What could it mean, other than 6 one hundreds, one 10, and one 1.

It shows up as a  street address here, a time on a clock there. It's all over!

Is it a date of significance from the past or future?

Or perhaps connected to Planck's constant? It has a 611 in it somewhere doesn't it?  Quantum theory fits right in with Uglydolls, time machines etc.  Maybe?  Mina's birthday? :)

Any ideas?  You know how I love a mystery!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

At the End of the Day...

Pockets had a wonderful day at work, but as he says goodbye he thinks of home... with a smile. 

There's no place like home.