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Friday, March 25, 2011

Babo's Cookie Problem

When we came home yesterday evening we were surprised to find the Babo's gathered around something other than the cookie jar.  What could it be?

It's Babo's Cookie Problem, a new book from Uglydoll creators Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath.  Our Babo's were very excited for reading time to begin, with cookies of course.  So we headed to our comfy spot to read out loud and nibble.

We were not prepared for the hilarity of this book. All Uglydoll are books are cute and comical, but this book is outright funny.  We laughed. The Babo's laughed.  We were all so amused we forgot to eat the cookies.  Now THAT is amazing.

I don't want to spoil your surprise when you read it, but think of me when Uglyworm says "good thing he doesn't have a hat on".  Oh my.  That part did me in.

You can get it here for 12.99.  It is a hardback with a soft fabric Babo on front nicely outlined in black stitching.  His yellow eyes almost glow. It is sure to be a lifelong favorite in my book collection. I hope David and Sun-Min had as much fun creating it as we did reading it!

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