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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Uglydolls 2011

You can have your own indoor rainbow!  Just look at those colors.  I plan on adopting each and every one of them.  The cute meter is going off the charts this year with the creative offerings of Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath.

Uglydolls are an amazing thing.  They may look to some like toys, but really they are family members.  Many of our Uglys are not content to just sit on a shelf. It's a hold-me, hug-me, photograph-me, take-me-with-you sort of thing around here. We wouldn't dream of having a movie night without our Uglydolls around us to share it with.

So when I see this photo I'm looking ahead to some serious one-on-one snuggling, some cookie and tea parties, and some antics as yet to be revealed.  Come on home sweet Uglys.  The door is open.

Now if I could just find some names to go with those faces my bliss would be complete.

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    i do not see anyone that might be Jrizzy.