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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Uglydoll Action Figures Series 3

Just got confirmation my Series 3 Action Figures are on their way. If the laws of space-time still hold sway, they cannot be here yet so I'm resisting the urge to watch for the Ugly delivery truck. Mixed results with that.

Let's see. Who am I the most excited about in this pictures.  Pointy Max.  It's a tough one though because those kaiju Ice Bats are more than superb.  It is almost impossible to pick a favorite with Uglydoll so I rarely even try.  But occasionally I dabble.
Hum...that Nandy Bear looks mighty fine.

Get them here. 

UPDATE:  If you want one of these get it soon.  They are selling out at record speed and will not be restocked until the FALL!  How cool that Uglydoll is so popular!

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